À la car(te)

Chefs Specials

Grilled mirrors
Car clocks covered in melted plastic
Various plastic signs with perfectly matching sauce of motor oil (Castrol)

Main courses
Large fried car tail light
Hubcap pizza with melted plastic
Black seat belt spaghetti with knobs from the cockpit

Jello with a variety of miniature cars (matchboxes)
Porsche Brûlée

Pink windshield washer fluid (Citroën)
Gasoline (95)

Everything begins with an order and a little appetite. You're hungry for more, for something you've never tried before, but in the world of possibilities, the sources are pretty limited. Though the feast for the eyes can be just as consuming as any other delicious menu. The point of reference? The consumption itself.

À la car(te) tells a story about the absurdity of consumption.

The setting is the picturesque image of a French country house. A blissful feast is supposed to bring some excitement back into our lives. But it can't, because we've so much more on our plates these days - conflicts, crises, anxieties. And the harder we try, the hungrier we feel. Fulfillment fails to materialize because everything we do remains artificial, like the "meals" on the menu that symbolize it.

Each item on the menu has been prepared as if it were the most sublime cuisine. The separate and careful approach to the cooking process allowed the car parts to present themselves almost like organic, hard-to-find ingredients. Each part needed its own individual approach and preparation.

With À la car(te), we can consume more. We can feast. But the artificial meals won't fill the void. Because this one is real. Bon appétit!

Text: Patrycja Krekora
À la car(te) is an outcome of Art Residency at Le château de la Haute Borde in France,
special thanks for Dominik Panasiuk for help <3