exhibition during Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2022

Blind spot is where one’s ability to see ends. In human anatomy it is the area where the optic nerve enters the retina making it insensitive to light. In driving, it refers to the surroundings of the vehicle, which cannot be directly seen by the driver. Metaphorically it may describe a lack of understanding and lack of meaning.

In the exhibition Blind Spot Ada Zielińska binds all those three aspects together in a series of photographic objects and readymades accompanied by miniature poems written by Sam Riviere.

When approaching the most difficult moments in life, unconsciousness sends us subtle warning signs. Just like reflective markers on the road, they approach before one becomes able to fully evaluate their situation. Utilising car parts and poetics of contemporary roadside signage Zielińska strives to evoke that experience, exploring the area between what is visible and what remains in the dark, between consciousness and unconsciousness, between rational and irrational feelings.