Hide & Seek

A car that is to be known as the one we use every day first comes disguised. It must live through its possible life before it even gets to the starting line, and to that end it first enters a road during its ghost phase. When a brand new car is road tested, it is wrapped in camouflage clothing - a patterned film that makes its shape and brand unrecognisable. This phase is also the most exciting part of the process of bringing a car to life, both for motorsport fans and the engineers who work on it.

Hide & Seek tells a story about the birth of a car, a moment before it is shown to the world. Inspired by the car's camouflage and the 1966 911 Plunge Drop Crash Test, the installation takes viewers through two of the most exciting moments in the life of a Porsche. Say hello to the heavy-breathing Ghost in the first room and Death guiding a car through automotive Limbo in the second one.

Drive carefully. Ada&Rafał
Written by Patrycja Krekora

Hide & Seek is an installation made together with Rafał Dominik for Scopes driven by Porsche festival in Warsaw, 2021.