I moved out from home when I was 23. By that time I studied photography at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. A few weeks later, I started to work on the series Automotive Stills, which was my master diploma. I wanted to set up a car on fire on the purpose of a photo. I knew that my father was a fire fighter back in the 1980s so I called him and asked how to do that... "Call this guy, and this guy to get a car to burn, we will need a place to do that, and I will help you with the rest". Ever since this photo I took with a help of my dad, I keep coming back to stage a fire for photography. Since two years ago- when I finished my therapy, I stopped asking my father for help with burning things, but I am still doing this. First thing I realised was how strong connection I have with my father, second- how this attempt to capture a moment of power at the time of total disintegration serves me as a form of self-therapy.

Since 2017 I organize exercises for fire fighters which I direct to achieve the frame I have in mind. These are mostly cars which fire fighters extinguish and then cut to improve their skills during car crashes.

The project is ongoing.