Pyromaniac’s Manual
Aesthetic pleasure one experiences while observing any kind of destruction is no secret to those familiar with Ada Zielińska’s work. However, Pyromaniac’s Manual isn’t merely a selection of photographed burning cars; it is also an invitation to enjoy close contact with the most fascinating of elements – fire.
Once you decide to literally set things on fire, Pyromaniac’s Manual will guide you safely through the process. The best fire is a controlled one, as the author points out, and getting hurt is not a success. Don’t forget to collect your trophies (such as selfies with “victims”), though.
Pyromaniac’s Manual marks an end to a 5-year long project that became one of Ada Zielińska’s trademarks, as well as a form of therapy for the artist. Regardless of your pyromaniac experience, the publication may come in handy in a number of everyday situations such as family road trips, Sunday strolls in a park or simply sitting patiently on your bookshelf, waiting for the right moment. We wish you an enjoyable pyromania experience.
photographs: Ada Zielińskatext: Patrycja Krekoraproofreading: Katarzyna Wejnerdesigned by: Marcel Kaczmarek
Propaganda 2020