Sunken Romance is an interdisciplinary project, which started as a collaboration with Rafał Dominik. We were commissioned by Porsche to create an art installation for Gdynia Design Days Festival. We made a coral reef covered 911, which was hanging from a crane in the sea port in Gdynia, as it was just taken out from the sea. The project was inspired by the process of creating artificial coral reef- which is often grow on sunken ships, old metro carts or metal and concrete constructions. Secondly, a huge inspiration for this project were polish legends and tales of mermaids and impossible love for mortals. And finally a 2013 Biennale work of Damien Hirst - Treasures of the Wreck Unbelievable.

After taking down the installation, together with filmmaker Dominik Panasiuk, we came with an idea to make a film about Carrera Mermaids. Luckily, with support of Porsche, we created a beautiful fairy tale, combining film and 3D worlds (under art direction of Rafał Dominik).

Still from Sunken Romance film

Gdynia Design Days Installation view