Ada Zielińska, Tram No. 10, photograph on paper, 130×200 cm

Hans Memling’s ”Last Judgment”, or rather an advertisement thereof, appears in a photograph by Ada Zielińska. The work shows Lechia Gdańsk football fans photographed in tram no. 10 against the background of the iconic shipyard cranes. The gold-painted vehicle with the museum’s logo and the title of the painting promotes Memling’s masterpiece.The route covered by the tram is unique too.No. 10 passes, among others,the Gdańsk Główny railway station – the heart of the city – the European Solidarity Centre, the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970, Gate No. 2, the shipyard, the football stadium and Nowy Port.It links up-market and dodgy neighbourhoods, peripheral and symbolic locations.

From the tram windows one can see the historic cranes that survived the shipyard’s downfall, and the amber gold Energa Gdańsk Stadium, symbol of the new Gdańsk, completed for the 2012 European Football Championship. Tram no. 10 is used by locals and tourists alike. Also by workers getting off in the vicinity of the shipyard and Nowy Port, who now come from the whole world, not just Poland or Ukraine.A lot of different languages are spoken on the tram.The route once covered by shipyard workers now also serves Lechia Gdańsk fans. They take Memling’s golden tram to go to football games taking place on the amber gold stadium.

Text by curator of the project- Marcin Różyc

The Golden Tram forms part of the Golden Campaign promoting Hans Memling’s Last Judgmen
TOFU Studio for the National Museum in Gdańsk, 2017

artists: Ada Zielińska, Marcin Janusz, Paweł Włodarski, Justyna Górowska
curator: Marcin Rozyc
Gdańsk 20.07-28.07
CSW Łaźnia