Ada Zielińska is a visual artist working primarily with photography, video, and installation. She’s a graduate of Media Art at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, and the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava.
Her main area of interest is the idea of destruction perceived as a prerequisite for rebirth – in that regard her practice serves as a particular form of self-therapy. Her creative approach centers around catastrophic events, either followed in real-life or staged – not to merely document, but to explore its aesthetics and the emotions it evokes. Drawing from the notion of post-photography, she attempts to extend the same approach to her audience, purposefully creating the most photogenic environment, thus inviting the viewer to try and explore the aesthetics and emotions evoked by her own work.

The car and anything automotive-related is a theme constantly recurring throughout her practice, although varying both in context and form. It can be an invisible companion, as in the series of on-the-road photos Post Tourism documenting the wildfire sites in Australia and California. A desirable object deliberately subjected to all kinds of abuse – set on fire, melted, or drowned – in order to test its endurance while creating the perfect catastrophic photo set, as in the multidisciplinary installation Panda, or the photographs published in the photobook Pyromaniac’s Manual. Finally, it can be dissected, stripped, and transformed into something new entirely, like a vehicle for poetic miniatures (Blind Spot series), or a fancy dinner where the courses are prepared out of car parts and served to the guests of a luxurious retreat, mockingly bringing into spotlight the consumption patterns of the highest social classes (A la carte – project created during CHB art residency and subsequently exhibited at Galerie du 13 in Paris).

Most recently, she became interested in audiovisuality, focusing on short forms of video and its potential for a more poetic style of storytelling.

Selected exhibitons:

2022: Streetfight | Warsaw under construction 14 @ Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
2022: Blind spot @ Propaganda during Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Warsaw, Poland (solo)
2022: Friction @ Galeria Czwartek, Warsaw, Poland
2022: The last one turns out the lights @ Raster Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2022: Approximately 5 km @ Galeria Czwartek, Warsaw, Poland (solo)
2021: Frutti di Mare @ Museum of Modern Art Wroclaw, Poland (solo)
2021: A la Carte @ Galerie du 13, Paris, France (solo)
2021: Hide&Seek collabo with Rafał Dominik @ Scopes Driven by Porsche, Warsaw, Poland
2021: Where is the Money? @ Kraków Photomonth 2021 (solo)
2021: Palm* Photo Prize 2021 exhibition @ East Photography Gallery, London, UK
2021: The Night Will Drive a Heart @ Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw, Poland
2020: Flash Show, Budapest, Hungary
2020: Finalist of Palm*Photo Prize
2020: Stipendist of Young Poland scholarship
2019/20: Change the Setting / Zmiana Ustawienia @ Zachęta - National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland
2019: Tropical Craze / Bzik Tropikalny during Warsaw Gallery Weekend @ Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw, Poland
2019: Gdania, Niefestiwal City and Art CSW Łaźnia , Gdańsk, Poland
2019: Eating Pineaples on the Moon @ Riga Photomonth, Riga, Latvia
2019: Odjazd / Trip, BWA Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland
2018/19: Ada Zielińska: Fondue , Project _SOON at Spectra Art Space, Warsaw, Poland (solo)
2018: Art Market Budapest (with Galeria Propaganda), Budapest, Hungary
2018: Ada Zielińska: Niech ginie / Let it die during Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Śmierć Człowieka, Warsaw, Poland (solo)
2018: Nic do ocalenia / Nothing left to be saved, IFF Gallery (Fundacja Instytut Fotografii Fort, Warsaw, Poland
2018: À la Flamande 3 - Landscape - Auction, Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw, Poland
2016: Hosted Simply, Ausstellungszentrum, Heiligrenkreuzer Hof, Vienna, Austria
2015: Hosted Simply, Spectrum Tower, Warsaw, Poland
2015: Mimicry, Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw, Poland
2015: Ada Zielińska: Automotive Stills, Ney gallery&Prints, Warsaw, Poland (solo)
2014: Accommodation, Museum of Modern Art in Minsk, Belarus

2022: Eva Kahan Foundation Tuscany, Italy
2021: Château de la Haute Borde, France

 2022 Ada Zielińska: Blind Spot @ Galeria Propaganda during Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Warsaw, Poland

2019 Tropical Craze / Bzik Tropikalny during Warsaw Gallery Weekend @ Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw, Poland fot. Zuza Głód

2018 Ada Zielińska: Niech ginie / Let it die during Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Śmierć Człowieka, Warsaw, Poland