Ada Zielińska (b. 1989)
Visual artist, working in the field of photography and installation. In her works she tries to document the catastrophe surrounding her, confront with disintegration. At the same time, she observes her attraction to these. In effect, her works are an attempt to capture a moment of power at the time of total disintegration. These observed moments serve a specific self-therapy, and photographs of these apparent accidents take the form of the author's note about the world around her, an effort to control what is inevitably going to an end.
A graduate of the "Media Art" department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, currently a student of the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava.

Selected exhibitons:
2014: Accommodation, Museum of Modern Art in Minsk, Belarus
2015: Ada Zielińska: Automotive Stills, Ney gallery&Prints, Warsaw, Poland
2015: Mimicry, Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw, Poland
2015: Hosted Simply, Spectrum Tower, Warsaw, Poland
2016: Hosted Simply, Ausstellungszentrum, Heiligrenkreuzer Hof, Vienna, Austria
2018: À la Flamande 3 - Landscape - Auction, Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw, Poland
2018: Nic do ocalenia / Nothing left to be saved, IFF Gallery (Fundacja Instytut Fotografii Fort, Warsaw, Poland
2018: Ada Zielińska: Niech ginie / Let it die (Solo) during Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Śmierć Człowieka, Warsaw, Poland
2018: Art Market Budapest (with Galeria Propaganda), Budapest, Hungary
2018/19: Ada Zielińska: Fondue (Solo), Project _SOON at Spectra Art Space, Warsaw, Poland
2019: OdjazdTrip, BWA Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland
2019: Eating Pineaples on the Moon @ Riga Photomonth, Riga, Latvia
2019: Gdania, Niefestiwal City and Art CSW Łaźnia , Gdańsk, Poland
2019: Tropical Craze / Bzik Tropikalny during Warsaw Gallery Weekend @ Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw, Poland
2019/20: Change the Setting / Zmiana Ustawienia @ Zachęta - National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland

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G’rls room

2019 Tropical Craze / Bzik Tropikalny during Warsaw Gallery Weekend @ Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw, Poland fot. Zuza Głód

2018 Ada Zielińska: Niech ginie / Let it die during Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Śmierć Człowieka, Warsaw, Poland