Alexis: ceremony - short film

Our short film „Alexis: ceremony” is a visual interpretation of the music project held under the same name.
„Alexis: Ceremony” is a short film with elements of experimental actions
The emotional impact of the film is guided by two layers: experiment and narrative
The experiment layer is a car into which we poured 7 tons of water during the shooting.
The narrative layer of the movie involves actors, whose cliche roles were briefly written and inspired by Rybczyńskis „Tango” animation. We told actors, that basically, their emotions should intensify with the amount of water poured into the car.

Alexis is a name of a music project made by Gosia Penkalla and Janek Młynarski. This is a Warsaw based collabo making experimental electronic music and our inspiration to make this short film.

ALEXIS Gosia Penkalla & Jan Młynarski

Written and directed by
Ada Zielińska & Piotr Matejkowski (Match & Spark)

Tadeusz Kieniewicz (Dreamers Talents)

Artists: Gosia Penkalla & Jan Młynarski
Lady: Jola Wesołowska
Guy: Natan Kryszk
Asian tourist: Anna Fam
Body builders: Krzysztof Rodkiewicz, Maciej Katus
Production House: SELFISH 3
Producer: Katarzyna Rup
Production assistant: Szymon Molski
Costume designer: Weronika Wojtach
Make-up: Anna Raczkowska
Camera assistant: Maciej Sowilski
Grip: Sebastian Frąc
Stagehand: Ludwik Wielecki
Drone: Norbi
Lightning master: Mikołaj Car
Fotos: Filip Zubowski
Transport: Bogdan Manowski
Post production House: Color Off On
Post production manager: Paulina Halber
Color correction: Katarzyna Żebrowska
Edit: Kuba Tomaszewicz
Online: Markusz, Marcin Fischer, Kacper Edward Shikeli
3D: Dash Dots Creation: Krzysztof Opieka, Nikola Muller,  Marcin Woźniacki, Maciej Zuk
FX: Tomasz Bykowski