From the beginning of my fascination with cars, I use photography to capture the impeccability of vehicle bodies. While going further, I started to feel a temtation to destroythis beautiful object - to see it’s vulnerability. During this stage of fascination I took cars and burned them, crashed them and drowned them, which I photographed in Automotive Stillsseries.Then, I used the motive of fire and burning to my artistic quest, trying to capture the moment of beauty in a moment of total disintegration. Objects that are destroyed in the picture serve aspecific self-therapy, being an attempt to subjugate what inevitably tends to end.The Fondue project is one of my first attempts to go beyond classical photography. The objects in installation are removed from the outside world, spotted by the eye of the photographer and prepared as a cadre for the viewer; as an object, it has been maintained in the style of my photographs and is close to my actions.