Post-tourism (ongoing)

Post-tourism is a long term, ongoing project, in which I am taking up the topic of how widely understood globalization effects on today’s tourism. The human drive to the dark can be expressed in many forms. The most modern one is called „disaster tourism”. It is a new-born term that describes the act of traveling to a disaster areas as a matter of curiosity. While working on Post-tourism project I am traveling to well known tourisitic places during and after catastrophies to document them and collect artefacts about what happened there and of how the area looked like before the disaster. Until now I’ve traveled to California to document wildfires, Venice during flood in 2019, to Australia during bushfires in 2020 and to Andalusia to document land desertification. Nowadays it is easier for a modern man to imagine the end of the world rather then the end of capitalism. And this disfunction of values and relations is the most interesting thing for me. I am thinking about the project not only as a series of photos, but also collections of local press on disasters, postcards and souvenirs of how the place looked like. 

Post-tourism on view @Propaganda: